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Russ Stoebner preparing the final touches on a fireplace

Eberts Construction started in the construction industry in 1974. The company was started by Ray Eberts, who focused 90% on remodeling with an occasional new home build in the 1970’s. Business was steady until the recession of the early 1980’s, which left the company with little work in Sioux Falls. Ray decided to take his skills to Beaula, North Dakota where oil refining plants were being built to keep their economy strong.

Ray traveled back and forth from Sioux Falls to Beaula for two years until the economy picked up again in Sioux Falls. Shortly after moving the business back to Sioux Falls, he began building more new homes and also keeping up his remodeling.

In the late 1980’s the company shifted its focus from remodeling to new home construction, it went to about a 50% split. The one aspect that kept the business going through the tough times in the 80’s was the word of mouth advertising that the received from the customers that they had serviced so well.

Our staff working hard on a house project

There are many families throughout the Sioux Empire that Eberts Construction, Inc. has built numerous homes for. Into the 1990’s the company shifted its focus again, more towards building larger more elaborate custom homes; while still keeping true to the middle income customer that kept the business going through all the tough times. The company at that time went to a split of 80% new homes and 20% remodeling. In 1993 Ray decided to incorporate. The new company continued in the ways that they had always done, they put craftsmanship first, and sacrificed absolutely nothing for quality.

The company was never the flashiest company on the street; it always stayed true to form though. They put the customer first, and tried to make every home owner feel like they were getting the best home that they could possible get for the dollar. The company today still has that same “do it to the best of your ability” attitude. Although today it has a different flare. In 2002, Eberts Construction Inc. took on a second generation of Eberts, when it welcomed Kyle Eberts into the business. In the few short years that Kyle has been a partner with Ray the small proud company has more than doubled its productivity. Still with its strong growth over the years, it has kept its strong quest for quality and craftsmanship. 




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